Related Research

“Fishery management aimed to reduce the heavy exploitation of epipelagic fish stocks would be more likely to produce benefits. In particular, the stocks of European anchovy and European pilchard, representing important prey for common dolphins, tuna and swordfish, are being heavily exploited by purse seiners, and catches are known to have declined dramatically in the study area in recent years.”

Finfish-Waterbird Trophic Interactions In Tidal Freshwater Tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay

“Declining abundance of Atlantic Menhaden in higher salinity regions (e.g., Bay mainstem) may be negatively affecting Osprey population stability in high salinity areas of the Chesapeake Bay at the same time that comparatively abundant fish prey resources in oligohaline and tidal freshwater river habitats may be supporting expansion and local population growth in Ospreys.”