Studies and Reports

Survey II

A total of 93 Striped Bass were caught by hook and line on ten trips in the Choptank River and Chesapeake Bay during a 13 day period from October 2, through October 14, 1997.

Out of 93 fish:

  • 58 ranged in size from 16″ to 23″ total length.
  • 42 fish where caught in the Choptank River
  • 5 fish had red sores ranging from pinpoint size to areas as large as 2″ in diameter. One fish had a round pinkish spot approximately one inch in diameter that appeared to be infected.
  • 16 fish were caught in the Chesapeake Bay approximately four miles Southwest of the Choptank River.
  • 1 of these fish was suffering from fin erosion.
  • 1 fish had red sores which covered half it’s body.

Seven of these Striped Bass were taken to the Oxford Laboratory and released into their holding net for observation. One dead fish was taken to Dr. Eric May, in accordance with the agreement and collection procedure that Dr. May and I have established.

14% of the fish above 16″ appeared to have some type of bacterial infection that in general looked similar to the lesioned fish I collected during August and September on Survey I.

The remarks made in Survey I, concerning the condition of the fish and presence of parasites would also apply to Survey II. In addition to the isopods collected in Survey I, Leeches were also removed and preserved during Survey II from several fish and given to Dr. Eric May for examination.

A total of 283 Striped Bass were caught from August 18, 1997 through October 14, 1997, and the individual total lengths of Striped Bass and dates caught have been recorded. This information has been sent to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources because it is also being used by the MD-DNR in their “1997 Cooperative Striped Bass Survey.”